Tuesday, February 10, 2009

our Kitchen

This is our fridge. I really thought you'd like to see our fridge and the new trash can beside it. You really don't want to miss the trash can!
This is our washer and dryer that we bought
Here is our lovely little kitchen.

house cont.

This is our guest room where I practice my violin. This is where we expect each of you to come stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry, there's plenty of room for a mattress on the floor.

Our New Little Home!!

Our bathroom is very interesting. The toilet and the tub are separated by a wall. It's pretty nice when one has to go while the other is in the shower. The vanity is behind the toilet room.
Next to the living room, there is a door which opens to our bedroom. Here is our wonderful King size bed. The room has just enough space on either side of the bed to walk and there is a closet and desk behind the photographer.
If you look at the picture below, across the bottom you can see the top of a chair. The picture above is of Jey sitting in that chair. The bookshelf is full of antique books. Some of them have yellow pages.
So here is our little cottage. It has a kind of rustic, woodsy, homey feel to it. We love it!
As you walk in, and look to your left, you get a view of the living room. This was taken before we put our computer on that desk behind Jey. Notice the real butterflies hanging on the wall. The sliding glass door opens to a foresty back yard which I will show another time.

The Whole Grigg Family

Sean Coletti, Chandler Grigg, Les Grigg, Angela, Jey, Launa Grigg, Hannah Grigg, Jared Grigg
Jaydn Coletti, Jessi Coletti, Sam, Riley, Willy, Alli, and Daniel Grigg
I believe this is the first picture on my blog that includes my older brother Jared and his wife and five kids.

Ames Family w/ Sri Lankan Dress

This is Merrie Kay, Lydia, Dan, Jey, Angela, Daniel Jr., and Matthew.

our rings up close

what a kiss!


wedding shower

Here in the states we have a tradition called a wedding shower. It is held a week or two before the wedding and all the women involved get together and help prepare the bride for her big day. We tell stories and play funny games and open gifts.
This was just after Christmas, and we continue to receive gifts in the mail for our wedding still. It has been a never-ending Christmas this year!!!!!
I'll try to name all the women in attendance from left to right. These wonderful women in my life helped become the woman I am today.
Suzanne Lundeen, Bonnie Titus, Sheila Kappel, Melissa Coletti Miller, Cindy Coletti, my Mom.
(starting in the pink shirt) Anna Tadlock, Mary Jones and her daughters, Taibre Layton, Nola Oliver.
Kim Layton is on the right.

Melanie and Cindy Tucker, Carrie and Tara Fitzgerald, Lydia and Merrie Kay Ames, Suzanne.....
And my sister Jessi was there, as well as Bonnie Hoover and Elisabeth Moss. I hope that's everyone.