Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

This is us next to the Christmas tree at my parents house.


This is a much better picture of Danny, Amber, Jessica, Lindsey, and Scott Hall. Scott has been a great teacher and mentor to me and Jey and his family are all great friends.

Sunday Dinner with the Halls and Blakesleys

Last Sunday, Dec. 21st, we had dinner with some of our closest friends, the Blakeslees and the Halls. From left to right: Gage, Sunny, Danny, Debbie, Paige, Amber, Bodie, Jessica, Jey, Scott (?) (yea, that's him trying to hide!), Angela, and Lindsey.

Snow fight!

One day I made the mistake of throwing a little snow in Jey's face. I should have known what would happen next! He picked me up and dropped me in the snow and buried me in it!!!!!

The picture of the pine tree is right in front of our house. These trees are very common here.

Let it Snow!!!!!

Toward the beginning of December it started to snow and it has hardly stopped since!! This is how we have to dress every time we go outside since it has been between zero and 30 degrees Fahrenheit for the past several weeks.

Halloween concert

We have a tradition of going to the Halloween concert at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg. This year they played a show about Pirates.

Halloween 0ct 31st, 08

What fright! Jey has turned into an Idaho Cowboy!

Coletti's Oct. 08

Jessi, Sean and Jaydn Coletti.

Who's been messing with my camera???!!!!!!!!!!

Jey's Bday in Sept

This is me, Angela, with Evalyn Ames. Jey got new tennis balls and a ball "hopper" for his birthday. The Ames gave him a tie with temples all over it. Jaydn gave Jey some special rocks that he found.
This is Merrie Kay Ames and a lot of other friends at Jey's party.

Jeya's birthday Sept 20

from left to right: Jessi, Jessi's mother-in-law, Cindy, Jey, Mom(launa), Cindy's daughter Melissa, Lydia Ames (Dan's daughter.)
Dan, Matthew, Brian Macchioni, Jey
Lydia, Jaydn, Jey, and coworker, Chris.