Sunday, September 7, 2008


The many birds we saw were so amazing. Below you can see how big they were. Anyone who can identify them? I think they are pelicans.

lake road

This road gives a new meaning to the term, "Dead End."

strait and narrow

It's a wonder that we made it back at all without sliding into the swamp lands. It was like a tightrope for the automobile.

sad road

On our way home, we saw a huge lake and decided to take a stop and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. It took a while to figure out how to get to the lake, but we finally found the strangest road I have ever seen.
It was built up out over the flats right into the lake! The lake obviously runs over it depending on the water level, making it the worst road I have ever seen in my life. Even Rexburg roads don't compare! It was quite the adventure to end our Montana adventure.


One of the highlights of the trip was our first fourwheeling adventure through the mountains.


Desee, Austin's wife, also known as fast hands, caught a miniature frog.

Jey 'n Austin


Jey and I were the only ones brave enough to cross the raging river on foot, as we journeyed deeper into the woods.

modeling that is. We are great at shooting photos. The only downside to living in the mountains is that you have to drive a lot to get anywhere. Jey and I decided to use our time well by practicing for our next modeling show.

Angela hunting

Of course, nobody's shooting skills can compare to mine.

jey hunting

After a while, we started to get really hungry, so we decided to go hunt some dinner in the forrest. I believe Jey is one of the best shooters in town. Maybe I'll find out if we actually use bullets next time.

cool hat

There were many interesting people at the market, including hippies, and this mysterious person.

flea market

On Saturday we went to the local market. It almost felt like we were in a different country. It was so old fashioned and quaint. they had every type of produce and homemade craft you can imagine. Jey is thinking about getting a job here as soon as he graduates.

Arrival in Montana

In August, we took a trip to Montana to see our friends, Austin and Desee Ragsdale. We drove for five hours and only saw about two small towns. Mostly we just saw lots and lots of mountains and plains and trees and even some wildlife. It was so beautiful!!

Apple Hills, NH

In July, I spent ten days at a music festival in New Hampshire. Here is a picture of me with my string quartet right after our concert. Below are group pictures of participants. They came from all over the world, including Cyprus, Israel, and Ireland. The theme of the festival was "Playing for Peace." To hear a recording, just go and click on "session II"

Kim's wedding

Here is another picture of the Fitzgerald sisters, this time with Melinda Fitzgerald, me, Candace, and Tara.
Here is Kimberly and Sean again with their Stubbs family relatives.
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On June 28th, my best friend from college, Kimberly Higgins, married Sean Fitzgerald. These are Sean's sisters, my other best friends. On the left is Candace F. Nelson with her daughter Clara, and on the right is Tara Fitzgerald.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Father's day

This is the family on Father's day in June. In the first picture, from left to right, are Sean's cousins, the Olivers, Sean (my brother-in-law), Jessi, (sister) Chandler, (brother) Myself, Jey, and Cindy and Jeff Coletti (Sean's parents.) The boy in the yellow shirt is Jessi's son, Jaydn. The other two kids belong to the Olivers.
The next picture has the same people, except that my parents have been added on each side of me.

Monday, September 1, 2008


About a week after that, Jey gave me the best present yet--a ring! He proposed down on one knee in front of the Idaho Falls Temple. To see a close up picture of the ring go to Sean and Jessi's blog at and look at the June entry.

Angela Bday

Close to a month after we started dating, I (Angela) celebrated my 26 birthday.

Our story

This is a blog about our story. To put it succinctly, Jey's roommate, Austin Ragsdale, introduced us on April 6th, 2008. Jey asked me out that Friday, and we have been together ever since. It was love at first sight! I had never been a believer in that before, (as I had never fallen in love before) but when I saw Jey, a familiar tune came to mind..."then I saw your face, now I'm a believer. .."